I'm here to help You build a sustainable brand and digital presence. 

Signature Services 

Brand Development and Social Media Marketing For Brands Ready To Show Up In Their Industries 

strong branding communicates stability and trustworthiness. When your brand isn't aligned with your intened auidence, you're neglecting their need. This also correlates to your brand on social media platforms.  

an aligned brands': 
- messaging is clear to their target audience.

-Visual representation is visually enticing and an asset to it's marketing.  

-marketing efforts align and speak to their ideal customer/ client. 

Client Love

I want to thank you for such an awesome experience. Before coming to you I struggled with knowing what to post, when to post, and even how to post to my social media. I was so discouraged due to being off of the platforms for so long. I struggled with grasping the concept of how they benefit my business and with algorithms constantly changing I struggled with keeping up.

You were able to simplify things for me and answer questions I didn't know I even had before coming to you. You also helped me really understand the true voice of my brand. I would definitely recommend you to everyone. You helped me restore my confidence in my brand, were honest with me which I greatly appreciate, and you cheered me on and believed in me! I am truly grateful!

-Keisha, JRayne Beauty

Social Media Management

STARTING AT $1,500/ MOnth

  • Looking to leverage  social media to attract it's ideal audience and grow a loyal community.
  • In the absence of time and expertise to facilitate platform growth.
  • In need of a social media strategy, content strategy, and full account management support.


  • Development of a custom social media and content strategy.
  • Platform revamp and bio optimization.
  • A full month of content design including social media graphics and video content. 
  • Curated content calendar and posting schedule including feed and story posts, captions, and hashtag research.
  • Community engagement includes answering comments, engaging with audiences, and facilitating platform growth. 
  • End-of-month analytical report.
  • In-house professional photography + videography services are available in this for an additonal fee. 

Who is this service for...

You are a busy business owner who wants to take advantage of social media but simply doesn't have time to post content. you want to implement an effective strategy for your brand's digital presence. 

Brand Management

STARTING AT $1,200/ MOnth

You're a new or established brand that has taken the first steps and looking to show up confidently and aligned in your industry. Wondering what should your next steps be for elevation and how to execute them.

Who is this service for...

  • Brands wanting to realign their brands' vision and create a clear framework and plan to reach desired brand presence. 
  • Needing support in development of fresh brand assets and marketing strategies
  • Looking to increase profits or attain a leading position in its industry. 


  • Develop custom brand, marketing, and advertising strategies.
  • Oversee social media accounts and ensure brand consistency.
  • Maintain brands' public image through the implementation of marketing initiatives.
  • Complete research into industry trends and public perception. 
  • Build brand relationships with influencers, and aligned partners.


Social Media Coaching 


You are an entrepreneur that knows social media is a great tool for your business but isn't knowledgeable about how to use these platforms to grow your business.  

Who is this service for...

  • Brands struggling with brand positioning on social media platforms. 
  •  Seeking one-on-one social media support develop a strong online presence.
  • Looking for a custom a social media and content strategy aligned with brands goals. 


  • Development of a custom social media and implementation plan.
  • 4 -8 week program of weekly calls including 1 strategy call and 3 weekly coaching calls.
  • Weekly calls including relevant strategy, engagement, and growth planning. 
  • 2 biweekly audit reports
  • Access to all freebie and business resources.



You're a business owner who wants to take your content up a notch. Need extra hands to capture social media content like behind-the-scenes, product shots. etc. 

Who is this service for...

  • Businesses needing quality visuals for social media content.
  • Content created for content marketing efforts. 
  • Brands needing help bringing creative  ideas to life in alignment with the business. 


  • Development of a creative direction plan.
  • Visual strategy and content strategy guidance. 
  • Location scouting (available to come to your location) 
  • On-site support of 3-hour content day or virtual (option to ship and shoot; meaning send in products to be shoot) 
  • *ONLY accepting St. Louis companies for onsite shoots at this time. 



You're a brand that wants to have a social media presence and authentic brand, but you don't want to post without direction and without purpose. 

Who is this service for...

  • Brands struggling with brand positioning on social media platforms. 
  •  Seeking custom strategy to develop a strong online presence.
  • Based on your specific goals you can schedule a brand, social media, or content strategy session. 


  • 90 min session covering  brand, social media, or content strategy. 
  • Additional planning add on service. 
  • Access to all freebie and business resources.

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